Adding Value in Africa with modern Commodity

maandag 8 november 2021


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 8 november 2021 09:00 Tot 8 november 2021 10:30

Africa’s abundance of natural resources provide a unique opportunity to foster human and economic development. More added value can be produced in case modern clean tech & management approaches are used to process marketable commodities, products and services out of these resources. Obviously, it needs better cooperations to well address the present significant obstacles preventing African countries from realizing this potential, reaching from sustainable development and government challenges to weak institutions, including environmental problems, the lack of clear national policy directions and a lack of human security.

What are good practices to promote sectors and industries as well as individual companies and entrepreneurs in their efforts to advance further with the African agenda 2063? Discussions will address the mining, agriculture and transport as well as other sectors that can benefit from linkages with clean tech and digitilisation.

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