Airtec 2022 - Munich

dinsdag 25 oktober 2022



Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG)


895,00 EUR

Evenement data

Van 25 oktober 2022 09:00 Tot 27 oktober 2022 18:00

The NAG is organizing the Dutch participation at the AIRTEC in Munich in October 2022. This unique event combines exhibition, B2B meetings and conference sessions forming one emersive and interesting event for Dutch companies.

AIRTEC combines uniquely conventional and visionary topics. It combines aerospace with new mobility, future transportation and new infrastructures for future mobility – linking conventional aerospace with future topics such as urban air mobility, unmanned flying and climate-neutral mobility. It will once again implement its unique concept in an innovative and customer-oriented manner – as a technology driver and networking platform, with the B2B meetings, which are consistently described as the best in the industry, and an international conference at which experts from industry, science and politics will talk and discuss future trends in the industry and cross-industry developments.

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