Boosting the Africa Agenda with IoT and Data Science

woensdag 15 juni 2022


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 15 juni 2022 07:00 Tot 15 juni 2022 08:30

Africa has shown great promise and opportunity to exploit the Internet of Things and Data Science to transition into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Already over 75% of the population in Africa have SIM connection due to increased affordability and reliability of mobile phones and network providers.

Africa’s growing tech adoption and economy means increased potential for impactful industrial IoT to drive the continent’s smart cities, sustainable manufacturing, logistics, smart power grids, improve healthcare and more.

As IoT is becoming more widespread in the marketplace, it is time for Africa to capitalize on the intense business value IoT and Big Data have to offer for effective business operations and to bridge the physical and digital divide in Africa.

At the ‘Meet the Experts’ Digital Talk on “Bridging the Africa Agenda with IoT and Data Science”, we will compound how Big Data is being harnessed to enable Africa to achieve the UN SDGs and Africa Agenda 2063.

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