Dec 22: Bánh Mì ting - Business Luncheon: Orchid city Introduction

woensdag 22 december 2021

Đu Đủ Xanh | Tiệm Chay . Vegetarian Hai Bà Trưng 178A


Dutch Business Association In Vietnam (DBAV)

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Van 22 december 2021 05:45 Tot 22 december 2021 07:30

[Member only - Pre-registration required]

The calendar is slowing down next week towards Christmas, but we managed to squeeze in a "member only" Banh Mi Ting at Du Du Xanh, with our new member Except, the founders of the city concept Orchid City. Their founder Tom Bosschaert made it through quarantine and looks forward to introducing his exciting ideas to the DBAV community.

Seating is very limited so fill out the registration form and you will be contacted shortly.

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