Dutch-German Cyber Improvement Days

woensdag 10 mei 2023

Den Haag


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Van 10 mei 2023 09:00 Tot 10 mei 2023 15:30

It is no secret that today's cyber threats are increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Despite this, we still too often keep our experiences and problems hidden and try to solve them ourselves. This gives cybercriminals the upper hand. To prevent economic disasters around our critical infrastructure, international cooperation is necessary.

During the Dutch-German Cyber Improvement day (10 May from 8.45 to 15.15), a delegation of leading German cybersecurity companies will be at Security Delta (HSD) for an interactive networking event to exchange views on how their technology can help protect, address, but also make cyber threats more transparent.

The networking event will combine technical input, practical hands-on experience and matchmaking opportunities from both the Dutch and German sides. Leading speakers from both sides will present opportunities and challenges in their respective markets. The event is free, but there is a limited number of places - first come first served!

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