Dutcham Webinar "COVID-19, time for the “right” choices"

donderdag 28 mei 2020


Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

Evenement data

Van 28 mei 2020 16:30 Tot 28 mei 2020 17:30

In times of increased pressure combined with remote working such as today during this pandemic, organisations are much more vulnerable to fraud and risks in terms of ethics & compliance. Compliance departments need to quickly pivot and consider the risks and challenges created by these rapid and radical changes.

Today is the perfect time to expand the role of compliance officers and to re-view our company’s internal and external protocols, re-evaluate and to potentially adapt.

Join us for a panel-debate with experts from different industries.

Our experts

  • Christina Bezerra - Ethics & Compliance Manager at Makro Group;
  • Geert Aalbers - Partner at Control Risks;
  • Patricia Vasconcellos - Compliance Manager at SBM Offshore;

Hosted and mediated by

  • Peggy De Rop - Managing Director at Dutcham


A Zoom link will be sent by email to all the participants who pre-registered on the day of the event.

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