Food and Beverage Business in China

donderdag 24 juni 2021


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 24 juni 2021 09:00 Tot 24 juni 2021 10:30

China hosts one of the most rapidly growing middle-class consumers in the world, which enables tremendous growth for the food & beverage (F&B) industry. In fact, the F&B industry in China has a US$ 700 billion share of the global market, this makes it a capitative scheme for international companies.

In recent years, China’s demand for foreign food & beverage products is developing at a brisk speed. In 2019, China’s food imports reached US$90.8 billion, showing a yearly growth of 23.4%. According to a recent report, the country is expected to import more than US$100 billion worth of foods in 2021. While the Chinese F&B market offers great potential for growth, European companies are suggested to be sensitive and responsive to its unique market structure, eating habits, and cultural factors, especially when the consumer behavior is constantly evolving by its development of the digital economy.

Join us at China Chapter’s Digital Talk on June 24th, Thursday, 2021, 9 am – 10:30am CET.

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