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vrijdag 15 april 2022



International Trade Development


3.000,00 EUR

Evenement data

Van 15 april 2022 12:00 Tot 18 april 2022 20:00

Is your SME focusing on the sports and/or leisure sector? Do you focus on developing or selling new innovating products? Are you looking for possibilities to expand internationally? And do you have a hands-on mentality and are you looking to boost your network? We believe in a direct approach and are therefore organizing a mission to Hungary! 

Hungary has a rich sports tradition and football is especially popular. The Hungarian national football team, led by football legend Ferenc Puskas, came second during the 1954 world championships. Worldwide, Dutch football knowledge is highly regarded, which is evident from the fact that coaches are active in more than 30 countries. So there is a demand for specific Dutch know-how. Moreover, Dutch exports to Hungary are growing every year. In the past 20 years, this has almost quadrupled to a value well above 1 billion Euro.

What will be done during this trip?

Day 1.

We will start the day with an introduction on doing business in Hungary. Then we will visit the regional knowledge institutes (f.e. University Budapest and or Györ) to set up international Triple Helix cooperation. They are connected to the industry and are able to link the Dutch companies with these parties over there. We will end the day with a theme evening with guest entrepreneurs from that region: working together for profit. Is it possible to get a foothold internationally and to offer products as a group?

We will also organize a brainstorming session, in which we, together with the local business associations, think about the possibilities of building bridges between the Netherlands and Hungary. Consideration is given to possible sales of products, transfer of new (training) methodologies, export of services, exploration of structural partnerships, setting up training camps.

Day 2.

The second day we are going to visit professional soccer teams. We will setup meetings with soccer organizations and their sponsors (interested in sport). Every Dutch company gets the opportunity to pitch or demonstrate their product and associated marketing actions and campaigns.

We are also going to visit the Chamber of Commerce; where are the opportunities for currently and in the future? And which local organizations have needs in the field of sports and health. Other activities for that day: Sport and Innovation Netherlands, Meet and greet with the Hungarian board members and theirs sponsors (mainly entrepreneur in the sports field). We will end the day with a dinner with a Business dinner.

Day 3.

Visit top football clubs and business club in 2 other cities: Veszprem and Gyor, where we have organized a meet and greet with Hungarian entrepreneurs in sports (and innovation). Here you can make personal connections between distributors and suppliers. Together with them you can set up brainstorming sessions in order to better organize cooperation abroad in order to achieve more international affairs. At the end of the day we will provide a joint activity together with Hungarian entrepreneurs.

International Trade Development invites you to participate in this trade mission to Hungary, where we will come in contact with several sales organizations, traders and distributors from all across the world. An extensive overview of sports equipment, sports shoes and fashion, as well as new trends of these segments will be given. Furthermore, we will be visiting authentic side-events which will guarantee a unique, personal and communicational atmosphere. Besides, we want to give participants a platform. We offer participants the opportunity to discover synergy and cross-selling possibilities, and to recognize new segments and trends in time.

This mission focuses on opportunities for companies specialized in the development, production and sales of products and services in the sports, health and leisure market (especially soccer). This trade mission gives you the possibility to visit companies, institutions, local and national governments who are active in your sector and who are willing to cooperate. The participation fee is € 3.000 ex BTW per person.

Date: between 15-4-2022 and 18-4-2022

contact: info@internationaltradedevelopment.eu

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