[Hanoi] R2E Training Course - Negotiation Skills

vrijdag 29 juli 2022

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Dutch Business Association In Vietnam (DBAV)

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Van 29 juli 2022 04:00 Tot 29 juli 2022 12:00

Being the most highlighted part of the R2E program, these training courses will be organized in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We have a total of 10 courses that will be organized via 10 classes, 1 class per course of 1- day duration. Training will be provided by experienced experts through both online and offline classroom training. The R2E program will provide training on about 10 different courses which will be in the following 3 categories:

  1. Personal skills to do business with European MNE; 
  2. Quality & Sustainability requirements to do business with European MNE; 
  3. Technical Developments & Innovation. 

For SMEs and DBAV members, these courses are free to join. If you know SME or someone who might want to take part in the training, please feel free to forward the link.

Registration is required, a maximum of 50 participants for each class

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