Health~Holland | Knowledge session MDR

woensdag 14 juni 2023

Jaarbeurs Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht


Health~Holland - Topsector LSH Task Force Health Care ROM Utrecht Region

Evenement data

Van 14 juni 2023 15:00 Tot 14 juni 2023 16:00

At the beginning of 2022, the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) transition period has been extended. The updated MDR imposes new challenges for manufacturers, importers, and distributors of medical devices, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Want to know how the MDR impacts you? And want to learn how to prepare your product for a notified body certification in Europe? Join the Health~Holland MDR session to become familiar with the changes, learn about best practices with regard to notified bodies, and receive advice from our MDR expert. 

What to expect? 

During the event the latest update on MDR will be presented by a subject matter expert. Also, a Dutch LSH company will share best practices with regard to strategy and communication between the company and a notified body. Furthermore, there is room to discuss the impact of the new regulation with participants in the room. How do you deal with the extended period? Are there alternative routes to certification or maybe alternative markets to focus on? 

Before this MDR Session a Health~Holland Session on Europe will be organised in the same location with room for networking in between sessions. 

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