Making Mobility the Key SDG Performer with Clean Energy Tech

donderdag 5 mei 2022


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 5 mei 2022 07:00 Tot 5 mei 2022 08:30

An important factor in achieving the SDG targets is mobility and flexibility in the transition to renewable energy including the use of new technologies as well as combined and Power to X technologies (the conversion of electricity into other energy primarily hydrogen), the mutual integration of various industries in cooperation with the energy sector, increasing investment and tax incentives, creating territorial clusters, transferring technological experience to developing and island countries, training staff using IT technologies for forecasting supply and demand in the sector renewable energy sources.

In the next ´Meet the Experts´ digital talk, we will be sharing insights on how to best capitalize such opportunities with European technologies business approaches.

The event, free of charge, will be held in English and will have a world-class audience. You are welcome!

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