vrijdag 9 september 2022



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Van 9 september 2022 17:00 Tot 9 september 2022 18:00

Diversity and inclusion remain a top priority for businesses today. Many emerging technologies and powerful HR tools have surfaced to forecast the shift towards all-inclusive workplace culture.

Research reveals a strong business case for DEI initiatives that can positively impact employee culture, boost innovation and resilience, and even deliver tangible business benefits, including higher operating margins and cash flow per employee.

Are you interested in how Tech can innovate HR?

Join the innovation adventure inspired by new Tech and innovative ways that can help organisations with HR and DEI!


5 min - Introduction - How technology can support the workplace’s diversity, equity and inclusion
20 min - Development and use of AI in recruitment in an inclusive way, especially when assessing people
20 min - The impact inclusive Tech companies can have in non-western countries
10 min - Sharing insight
5 min - Closing Remarks

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