Negotiating like a global leader

donderdag 10 februari 2022


World Trade Center Leeuwarden

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Van 10 februari 2022 16:00 Tot 10 februari 2022 17:00

Cultural nuances and communication can be a significant roadblock to businesses navigating the globe. Learn about the importance of being culturally intelligent, and how to consider culture in your negotiations abroad.

Any negotiation presents challenges, but there are unique challenges in international business negotiations. It is important that you learn about these challenges before they occur, and then take preventive measures. In this webinar tips and tricks to handle international negotiations will be discussed by providing practical advice.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Jeremy Petranka, Assistant Dean, MQM Program, Associate Professor of the Practice in the Fuqua School of Business

Dr. Petranka received his Ph.D. in economics from UNC Chapel Hill in 2009. His work now focuses on the intersection of business and academics, specifically targeting how economics informs managerial decision-making and business strategy.

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