NLBC: Check Point - June

vrijdag 25 juni 2021


Netherlands Business Council France

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Van 25 juni 2021 16:00 Tot 25 juni 2021 17:00

The Netherlands Business Council France (NLBC) is pleased to invite you to our first bi-annual member event: Check Point - June.

During the event we present you our efforts of the last 6 months and show what the rest of 2021 has to offer. 

This is the first meeting where all members of the Council will be present. You have as well the possibility to meet the members of the board and there is time to ask questions. We finish the event with a quiz about France. Please download the app Kahoot if you would like to participate.

The event will be moderated by business director Anouk Zoet and the quiz will be organised by board member Rick Floore.

For more information, please contact Anouk Zoet:

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