NLBC.FR: MVRDV private tour and lunch

vrijdag 1 juli 2022

ArchiLib Gallery Boulevard de la Villette 49, Paris


Netherlands France Chamber of Commerce (NFCC)

Evenement data

Van 1 juli 2022 12:00 Tot 1 juli 2022 13:00

On Friday July 1, 2022, NLBC and MVRDV organise a private tour to discover the exhibition Agir at ArchiLib Gallery followed by lunch in Paris.

Taking its name from the French verb meaning “to take action”, Agir examines MVRDV’s work through an explicitly activist framing. The ideological underpinning for this framing comes from a “bucket list” developed by MVRDV, comprising 44 goals for the future of our world, from biodiverse, self-sufficient, and green to collaborative, democratic, and beautiful.

Nicolas Land, director of MVRDV France, will present highlights of MVRDV’s broad portfolio of work in France. Agir presents over fifty projects, positioning the firm’s French work within their broader oeuvre of international projects and research.

* This event is members only *