dinsdag 27 april 2021



Evenement data

Van 27 april 2021 17:30

We are happy to announce you that on the 27th of April, the NRCC will organize ONLINE a special Quiz Event, starting from 18:30 hours. 

27 April is Kingsday in the Netherlands! The Birthday Celebration of our King, Willem Alexander van Oranje (of Orange). For us, under normal circumstances this means: Orange Night!

Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly we can’t do the Orange Night this year. But we can’t let this occasion go by unnoticed either.

Therefore,  we invite your to join a very special NRCC Quiz Online edition: NRCC QUIZ ROYALE. That’s right, a royal themed quiz. Your chance to learn more about the Dutch Royal Family, the use and meaning of the colour Orange and the History of the Netherlands (from Republic to Kingdom). And of course you will have the chance to win some special prizes!

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