Plenary HR Knowledge Circle with Randstad: Dynamics of the Polish labor market

donderdag 21 april 2022


Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC)

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Van 21 april 2022 10:00 Tot 21 april 2022 11:15

We have the pleasure to invite our members to a cycle of plenary HR webinars powered by Randstad. 

Topic: Dynamics of the Polish labor market: the role of support in professional development to attract and retain qualified employees

The labor market research from the perspective of employees, carried out for over 10 years, identifies significant trends in the area of employment. At the beginning of the year, one of the most visible trends was the wage pressure. Next to it, there is also the issue of professional development of employees as the responsibility of employers who want to fill the skill gap in their teams and retain talented employees. This is a factor that is also gaining importance in connection with the support in the employment of refugees from Ukraine who find refuge in Poland.

During the meeting, we will present an analysis of employees' needs in the field of professional development and expectations in this area towards employers. In addition, we will look at the data on the employment opportunities of employees from Ukraine in Polish companies. We will also analyze the actions that Polish employers intend to take to support the professional development of employees from Ukraine.

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