Property Markets in Hong Kong and China; a Fireside Chat with HSBC

donderdag 14 april 2022


Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


100,00 HKD

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Van 14 april 2022 06:00 Tot 14 april 2022 07:00

The spectre of universal testing and mass lockdowns is heavily impacting property markets in Hong Kong and China. The value of transactions plummeted in recent weeks and projections for residential, commercial and industrial real estate declined. This comes on top of uncertainty caused by the Evergrande saga in mainland China.

What to make of the current market and what to expect for the future? In this fireside chat, we dive deeper into the trends and key drivers on the short and longer term, to help shape your forecasts and decisions on the property markets on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

Our speaker will be Raymond Liu, Director and Real Estate expert Asia Pacific at HSBC. Talking to Raymond will be Herald van der Linde, Chief Asia Equity Strategist at HSBC and member of the Finance Committee at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

It promises to be a highly insightful session on this important topic, so reserve your tickets now!

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