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donderdag 23 maart 2023



Nederlandse ambassade in Mexico-Stad

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Van 23 maart 2023 09:00 Tot 28 maart 2023 17:00

Are you a Dutch company, active in the field of water and agriculture, and are you curious about your market opportunities in Mexico? Then take part in the trade mission to the Mexican states of Baja California Norte and Jalisco from 23 to 28 March 2023, immediately after GreenTech Americas. Join us and contribute to the change that this sector needs.

Opportunities in Mexico
Agriculture and horticulture are responsible for 70% of the total water use in Mexico. There is a strong need for smart solutions.

The upcoming water mission to Mexico will visit the states of Baja California Norte (Northwestern Mexico), and the state of Jalisco in the Bajío-Occidente (Central–West Mexico) region. Both are in urgent need of solutions for the important water issues they experience, with high value agricultural production.

For whom?
This trade mission is for Dutch entrepreneurs and other organizations that are active in the field of water and agriculture and are interested in doing business in Mexico. You are working on topics such as:
- water for agriculture and horticulture (including on-farm water technology
- irrigation
- water treatment and sanitation
- specific crop or livestock related water themes
- soil restoration and regeneration.

Please contact Frank Hoogendoorn, Agricultural Advisor, Netherlands embassy in Mexico

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