Webinar 6: Business opportunities in Brazilian airports - Dutch Embassy

dinsdag 30 juni 2020


Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce

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Van 30 juni 2020 11:00 Tot 30 juni 2020 11:45

In order to provide insights on the current situation and the possibilities that arise with this crisis, the Economic Network in Brazil organizes a series of 7 webinars. The network includes the Embassy in BrasíliaConsulates General in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and NBSOs in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre. Specialists from these organizations and from the Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (Dutcham) share their knowledge with external guest speakers during these webinars.
These webinars are focused on Dutch entrepreneurs with an interest in doing business with Brazil. 

Information on all the 7 webinars

WEBINAR 6: Business opportunities in Brazilian airports for Dutch companies and research institutions

Date: 30/6/2020 (Tuesday)
Timing: 4 PM (CET) and 11 AM (Brasília Time)

COVID-19 has impacted Brazil tremendously, and because the virus arrived relatively late in Latin America, Brazil is still in the midst of the pandemic. However, as economies are slowly opening up in Europe, it is expected that Brazil does the same in the upcoming months as well.

For this reason, during this webinar it will be discussed the business opportunities in Brazilian airports, and it will be officially launched the report that was presented in February by providing a recap. It will also be provided an update on a fact-finding mission and there will be room for Q&A.

Registration & Practical Information
• Register for the webinar by sending an e-mail to bra-ez@minbuza.nl. You can submit your questions in advance when registering, or ask the speakers via the live chat box during the webinar;
• Participation is free of charge;
• You can register for the webinar no later than one day before;
• Registrations are limited to 100 participants per webinar;
• The webinar will take 40-45 minutes and consists of an introduction, a presentation and Q&A;
• The webinar will be held in English. Questions can be asked both in English and Dutch.