Webinar: Balancing Social Distancing and Global Collaboration

donderdag 2 april 2020

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Van 2 april 2020 16:00 Tot 2 april 2020 17:00

The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all. Now is a time to ensure business relations and communications are done right. Getting it right, however, depends on many factors, among them how well your employees communicate in an unfamiliar environment and how they are perceived by their business partners and clients.

Europe and the U.S. are both “western culture”, and “first world” based on many superficial similarities, but there are actually some important underlying differences between the two. Learn how to avoid awkward, even unprofessional, interactions while working as a foreigner in the U.S., particularly during times of crisis and uncertainty. Our communication and coaching experts will share how to effectively collaborate and connect with Americans when doing business in the U.S.

If you are a foreigner doing business in the U.S. and if you feel you don’t exactly know how to gauge the actions, feelings, or intentions of Americans, this webinar is for you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Over Here: Cultural Translation
  • The New Normal: Avoiding Tone Deaf Messaging
  • Ensuring Brand Relevance During Uncertain Times
  • What’s Working and What Isn’t (Measurement and KPIs)
  • Ensuring Employee Success Abroad in 2020
  • Early Career and Rerun Expats
  • Personal Touch without Personal Interaction
  • Global Business Post COVID-19


  • Justin Velten, PhD, President, GO CULTURE INTERNATIONAL
  • Cameron Heffernan, Director, North America, MACH MEDIATime


Apr 2, 2020:

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