Zero Carbon Housing with Decentralized Energy Systems

donderdag 7 april 2022


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 7 april 2022 09:00 Tot 7 april 2022 10:30

The reconstruction and construction of housing facilities is one of the most important sectors for achieving the goals of decarbonization at the expense of EU expenditures on the development of innovative technologies that ensure the autonomy of energy supply to single-family and multi-apartment buildings using renewable energy sources.

The Importance of Decarbonization of the European economy by 2050 is highlighted in the EPBD Directive on the mass energy modernization of homes in the EU, which sets a “passive” standard for new homes by 2020 – specific energy consumption.

Measures for thermal insulation or passive technologies that require huge funds and time are certainly important, but it is possible to drastically reduce by 2050 the consumption of primary energy only through the accelerated introduction of active renewable energy technologies.

Highly efficient, compact and decentralized systems replace large, centralized fossil fuel power plants and can be successfully used in a housing decarbonization program. In recent years, the German market has seen a significant increase in the use of autonomous renewable energy systems for housing. More than a million households in Germany are equipped with solar photovoltaic systems.

When constructing new buildings their location and architecture must be considered to make the most efficient use of solar and wind energy

In the next “Meet the Experts” digital talk we will be sharing insights on how to best capitalize such opportunities with European technologies business.

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