Matchmaking Life Sciences en Health-sector

São Paulo, Brazilië

Bent u op zoek naar potentiële zakenpartners in de Life Sciences and Health (LSH)-sector? En wilt u uw kansen ontdekken op en rondom de Hospitalar in São Paulo, Brazilië?

Matchmaking Hospitalar São Paulo Brazil

Individual Matchmaking Programme

From 20 – 24 May 2019 the Dutch Consulate in São Paulo together with Task Force Health Care have the pleasure to invite you to participate in a targeted individual matchmaking programme for the Life Science and Health sector, on and around Hospitalar in Brazil.

EuroTier South America

Deze beurs is bedoeld voor firma

Brazilië heeft een van de grootste economieën ter wereld en de grootste van het Zuid-Amerikaanse continent.

Future CIties: New Energy & Mobility

Brazil is on track to be the 5th-largest economy in the world by 2025. It's start-up and scale-up markets are primed for significant consumer growth, thanks to its young population.

Invest in Belo Horizonte

A webinar on Belo Horizonte as a destination to open your Brazilian Subsidiary

Regelmatig organiseert NBSO Belo Horizonte (Brazilië) een webinar voor geïnteresseerde Nederlandse ondernemers. Eind februari was het onderwerp van het webinar investeren in Belo Horizonte (BH).

Sector sketch Mining Brazil

Opportunities for Dutch companies

This sector sketch has been performed by the NBSO Brazil office in Belo Horizonte. It brings an overview of mining activity in Brazil, its relevance to the Brazilian economy and a closer look at Minas Gerais, the most important mining state.