Doing Business in Cambodia

Factsheet by the Netherlands embassy in Bangkok. Cambodia is a developing market economy in Southeast Asia with a population of 16.5 million and GDP of around USD 22 billion (2017).

Life Sciences & Healthcare in Cambodia

Cambodia’s economic growth has caused a demographic and health transition. The life sciences & healthcare sector is importing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment into a country where over 60% of the total health expenditure is made by out-of-pocket payments.

Garment Industry in Cambodia

Cambodia's garment and footwear industry has become a main pillar of the Cambodian economy, following the enactment of a new constitution introducing the free market economy and investment-friendly government policies in 1993.

Energy in Cambodia

The Government of Cambodia has established energy self-sufficiency as a key priority. Currently, Cambodia's energy sector is small, and less sophisticated than that of its regional counterparts such as Vietnam and Thailand, on whom the country partly relies on for energy imports.

Logistics in Cambodia

Cambodia’s robust economic growth has been driven by export-oriented businesses. Increased integration into regional and global value chains has made the logistics sector central to the country’s development strategy.

Agriculture in Cambodia

Agriculture remains one of the four pillars of Cambodia’s economy, alongside tourism, construction & real estate and garment.