Energie (topsector)

Experts en Consultants - Low Carbon Brazil

Het Nederlands consulaat-generaal in São Paulo wijst op kansen voor dienstverleners in de 2e fase van Low Carbon Brazil. Dit is een door de EU gefinancierd project ter bevordering van kennis- en technologieoverdracht en een samenwerking tussen het Europese en Braziliaanse mkb-bedrijven.

LNG terminal construction in Port of La Union

Developed by Cutuco Energy, the El Salvador LNG terminal construction in Port of La Union includes a tank capable of holding 160,000m3 and a 525MW combined cycle generation plant. The construction of the plant is expected to start in 2018 and will take approximately 3 years.

ICT Data Centre opportunities in Costa Rica

Today, Costa Rica provides a mature environment for complex business processes and stands as the #1 Exporter of high value added services in Latin America, surpassing Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. It provides interesting opportunities for ICT data centers.

Kansen windenergie in Australië

In 2017 is door de Australische overheid meer dan € 5 miljard gecommitteerd aan duurzame energieprojecten. In dit document zijn de meest relevante windenergieontwikkelingen opgenomen.

Bioenergy in Thailand

Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia with a population of 68 million people and a strategic location to serve regional markets. The country is also a major producer of agricultural products, such as rice, sugercane, cassava, corn, rubber and palm oil.

Solar power in Thailand

Thailand is the second economy of Southeast Asia with a population of 68 million people. With an installed power-generating capacity of 2,768 MW in January 2016, Thailand is the largest producer of solar energy in Southeast Asia.

City development projects Goteborg

Construction, housing, infrastructure, logistics

The Gothenburg Region is growing. Sweden forecast indicates an expansion of 250.000 inhabitants in the Gothenburg Region between 2015 and 2035, resulting in a total population of approximately 1.3 million by the year 2035 for the entire region.

Infrastructure investments Norway

Rail, highway, motorway, airport and city transport (bikes, e-mobility)

The National Transport Plan (NTP) 2018-2029 outlines how the Government intends to prioritise resources within the transport sector. It is a twelve-year plan (extended from previous ten-year plans) that is revised every four years.

MEXICO: Electric vehicles - Emobility

Electric vehicles (EV) and sustainable mobility in Mexico

The Mexican energy sector has been through its biggest reforms to date in the last few years. The Mexican government together with the private sector (CFE, the Ministries of Energy and Economy, the Automotive Association and eight OEMs) reached an agreement to stimulate EV in Mexico.