Food horticulture in Colombia, positioning Dutch businesses


17 mei 2021


Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)

This document is the result of a short study commissioned by the Agricultural Attaché Network at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bogotá (LAN Bogotá), led by Mrs. Patricia de Vries – Van Loon, Agricultural Counsellor.

For the study, information was gathered in Colombia and The Netherlands. In Colombia, N&S del Trópico has done research into the current state of play of food horticulture production, as well as expected trends for the future. N&S del Trópico has conducted interviews with actors along the vegetable chain in Colombia and has complemented and validated the information from these interviews with qualitative research and a literature review. The findings from this study were reported separately in “Taste the Future Report - The potential of food horticulture in Colombia”

Similarly, in The Netherlands, team GRO (RVO) has conducted qualitative research and interviews with Dutch horticulture companies - mostly suppliers - to gauche interest of the sector in developments in Colombia and to gain insight into lessons learned from projects in Colombia and from experiences with strategic collaboration and positioning elsewhere in the world. GRO and N&S del Trópico jointly presented and validated their findings at a round table meeting in The Hague and at a meeting at the Agrofuturo in Medellín.

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Source: RVO

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