Time to enter Chinese cosmetics market without animal testing


15 juli 2021


Dr2 Consultants

The Chinese market is now opening up to foreign cruelty-free beauty brands, many of which have been in high demand with local consumers. This report is targeted to cosmetic brands that want enter the Chinese market without animal testing.

With a population of 1.4 billion, continuously impressive GDP growth and speedy
recovery from COVID-19, China has a unique position in that it is a key global
consumption market that is also growing domestically. 

Up until now, China has posed very strict requirements on imported cosmetics brands and products. For example, all imported cosmetics products need to provide animal testing reports to the authorities to register their products in the Chinese cosmetics system.

In the past few months, China has been updating its cosmetics regulations, which brings great opportunities for foreign brands that have been blocked by previous complicated regulations.

Dr2 Consultants Shanghai presents the key takeaways in this white paper for cosmetic brands who would like to enter the Chinese market without animal testing.

Source: Dr2 Consultants.

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