Africa’s Circular Journey, Unleashing the Power of Circular Economy Hubs

donderdag 1 juni 2023


Holland Circular Hotspot African Circular Economy Network Nordic Circular Hotspot

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Van 1 juni 2023 10:00 Tot 1 juni 2023 10:50

Dive into the transformative power of circular economy hubs in Africa as we discuss insights from WCEF2022 and the Lagos Circular Hotspot event, and tackle the key question: How can we build on these learnings to foster cross-sector collaboration and drive innovative solutions for a sustainable circular future in Africa?

About this acceleration session:

Date and time: Thursday, 1st of June, at 11:00–11:50 EEST / 10:00 – 10:50 CET
Place: Hybrid — Online & in Helsinki at Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, 10th floor.
Organised by: Holland Circular Hotspot, African Circular Economy Network, Nordic Circular Hotspot

Holland Circular Hotspot, together with the Nordic Circular Hotspot and African Circular Economy Network, are organizing an acceleration session on the power of Circular Economy Hubs. Discover Africa’s Circular Transformation: This engaging session, aimed at policymakers, business leaders, circular economy enthusiasts, and sustainability advocates, will dive into the potential of circular economy hubs to drive sustainable growth across Africa.

Drawing on key learnings from WCEF2022 and the Lagos Circular Hotspot event, we will explore how cross-sector collaboration, innovative approaches, and capacity-building initiatives can accelerate the continent’s transition to a circular economy. Join us in this thought-provoking discussion and become part of the movement towards a more just, environmentally sound and resource-efficient future for Africa.

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