China's Intangible Cultural Heritage: Crafts

vrijdag 16 december 2022

Den Haag


ECMN (Europe China MICE Network)

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Van 16 december 2022 09:30 Tot 16 december 2022 11:30

A sharing and experiencing workshop will bring you four main subjects:

1. How do the dutch integrate craftsmanship in create sector;
2. How does the market drive the dutch design industry from the Netherlands to the world;
3. What are IP-RELATED issues that foreign companies in the craft, cultural, and design sectors need to pay attention to;
4. How to set up an Omnichannel supply chain network for derivative products in the Chinese traditional craftsmanship sector to the European retail market

We invite 10 guests from China and The Netherlands to share their research and knowledge with you in the group panel discussion.

- Romanian Cultural Center
- Master of Chinese arts and crafts, representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage cloisonne technique
- Liaison Officer RVO
- NLO European Patent and Trademark Attorney
- Inheritor of Changnan Official Kiln Intangible Heritage Crafts
- and more guests information, please find via the registration page:

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