Circularity: The Gain, the Pain, the Value Chain

donderdag 15 juni 2023

The Orchid Growers Middenzwet 23, Wateringen


Slovene Dutch Business Platform


30,00 EUR

Evenement data

Van 15 juni 2023 11:00 Tot 15 juni 2023 16:00

Circularity is key! Learn from companies like KIPSTER Eggs, who achieved national awards like Number 1 Company, Best Marketing Award, and Voted Product of the Year. Discuss potential investments in the Netherlands, Slovenia, and abroad and match with your future business partners. Ruud Zanders from KIPSTER Eggs will share his insights into circularity and directly with you, while the largest Dutch orchid grower, The Orchid Growers will tour you through their production facilities. Your questions will be answered with a round table, featuring high-quality speakers like Prof. Aleš Kuhar, a leader in food system economics. If you are in agriculture, floriculture, or horticulture or are just interested in circularity and its business potential, attend our hybrid event: "Circularity: The Gain, the Pain in the Value Chain” happening on the 15th of June 2023 at the Orchid Growers Wateringen, Netherlands and online.

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