Competitive Energies to Power Sustainable Manufacturing in Africa

woensdag 20 september 2023


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 20 september 2023 09:00 Tot 20 september 2023 10:00

Governments in Africa are committed to centralizing their economies to meet the basic needs of growing populations and create jobs and wealth.

Economic growth and industrialization in Africa must sustainably concur with decarbonization of the manufacturing sector.

Decarbonizing Africa’s manufacturing and power sectors and building new green assets will have profound economic implications for the continent, ensuring that African manufacturing can grow and create jobs without adding emissions and remain globally competitive.

Join the Africa Alliance in the “Meet the Experts” digital talk “Competitive Energies to Power Sustainable Manufacturing in Africa” for a balanced Climate, Circularity, People and Fair Play that shifts Africa to a more sustainable business environment.


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