Curso Online Especializado en Hidrógeno Verde - Online Course Specialized in Green Hydrogen

vrijdag 24 maart 2023


Holland House Mexico

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Van 24 maart 2023 16:00 Tot 13 mei 2023 20:00

Green hydrogen has properties that make it very attractive to the industry, to mention a few: its energy content allows it to react with oxygen and reach temperatures of up to 1500°C, its complete combustion only produces water vapor, which does not contribute to global warming; and it contains almost three times more energy per unit of mass than gasoline or natural gas, which makes it attractive as a transportation fuel and an immediate solution to mobility problems.

This specialized online training program will help you understand each of the benefits of Green Hydrogen, the challenges that decision makers need to know in order to have a competitive advantage in each sector in which they operate, as well as areas of opportunity, project development, financing, regulation and potential of green hydrogen in the energy transition.

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