Data Sharing Festival

dinsdag 6 februari 2024

The Hague, Netherlands


Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing & Cloud TNO


55,00 euro

Evenement data

Van 6 februari 2024 09:00 Tot 7 februari 2024 18:00

Welcome to the Data Sharing Festival! We’re here to strengthen our community, share knowledge, start, and intensify collaboration and energize our ongoing journey in data sharing.

This Festival celebrates the intersection of privacy, cybersecurity, and sovereignty in the data world. We aim to recognize achievements, tackle challenges, and shape the future of data spaces with a mix of inspiring keynotes, panels, and many interactive sessions. The Data Sharing Festival will have a dynamic program that focuses on practical solutions and collaboration to scale up market adoption and synergize individual approaches.

Your active participation is crucial in this journey toward data sharing excellence. Our program promises entertaining and enlightening experiences, fostering connections and sparking future collaborations.

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