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During a six-day tour in China, you will explore and experience:

  • China’s economic rise and internet ecosystems
  • E-Commerce: why is it so enormous in China?
  • The coffee war between Starbucks, Luckin and Cotti
  • New retail: the successes and failures
  • Different business models of instant retail and grocery delivery
  • Live (streaming e-)commerce in its smallest and largest forms
  • Alibaba’s various Hema (Freshippo) concepts
  • Consumer-to-manufacturer and cross-border e-commerce from China
  • A selection of Chinese cultural highlights and cuisines

Costs: € 4,995.- (all-in, excluding international flights – see application link below)

Experience the future of online and offline retail

During the week-long trip, we will visit three different Chinese cities: Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. The common thread in the program is the digital development in on- and offline retail in China. Every day starts with a lecture by China digital tech analyst Ed Sander. He provides you with sound theoretical knowledge on topics such as (cross-border) e-commerce, live commerce and instant retail. All within the context of Chinese culture, the country’s development and its vast internet ecosystems, so you can better understand the diverse locations we visit in the afternoons.

Of course, you also get a taste of Chinese culture, including a visit to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou and Shanghai’s famous skyline. Every evening, we eat in a restaurant with a different regional cuisine so you can get to know authentic Chinese food.

Who is this trip for?

You are a professional working in the retail sector, e-commerce or for an FMCG brand. You want to know what is happening in Chinese on- and offline retail, be inspired by the latest innovations and developments and take a look into our own possible future.

The trip also offers a great wealth of ‘competitive knowledge’ now that Chinese companies are increasingly entering our market with their own webshops. As the famous Chinese philosopher and warlord Sun Tzu once said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Previous participants in this tour stated how amazed they were by the speed of developments in China and how we’ve been lulled into a false sense of complacency that we urgently need to shake off.

No PR talk but real experiences

At ChinaTechTrip we have chosen a different approach than other companies offering study tours. Instead of visiting Chinese companies and listening to their PR presentations full of impressively large numbers but often few real learnings, we prefer to tell you a more balanced story and immerse you in real Chinese life. You will visit many different store concepts and experience for yourself what the strengths and weaknesses are. We are convinced you can learn just as much from the failures nobody tells you about as from the successes shared in press releases. These learnings give you a broader perspective that you can apply in your own field of work.

Why go to China?

  • China is the place where digital innovations follow each other at lightning speed.
  • China invented ‘New Retail’, merging e-commerce and traditional retail.
  • China has surpassed us in online shopping, mobile apps, home delivery and internet technology.
  • We can learn from the experiences of successful and failed concepts in China.

China has developed as a place where digital innovations have followed each other at lightning speed, from the rise of WeChat to the ‘sharing economy’. Under the leadership of Alibaba, and Pinduoduo, China has become the country with the largest share of the global e-commerce market, and completely new forms of e-commerce have emerged. Chinese internet companies are also increasingly crossing the border to become active in the West. Just think of TikTok, Shein and Temu.

China has surpassed us in online shopping, mobile apps, home delivery and internet technology. During this study tour to China, we can learn from the experiences in the country.

Source: ChinaTalk. Learn more about them here.


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