Empire Technology Prize Webinar - Clean Heating Solutions for New York

maandag 22 januari 2024


Nederlands consulaat-generaal in New York Trade and Innovate NL New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) New York State US Economic Development Administration

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Van 22 januari 2024 14:00 Tot 22 januari 2024 15:00

Join us to learn about the Empire Technology Prize, a $10M program focused on developing and demonstrating innovative solutions to decarbonize heating for New York’s tall buildings.

This $10M prize program looking for Clean Heating Solutions for New York's tall buildings. More specifically 1) centralized high temperature heat pumps capable of generating steam or hot water 


2) Novel distribution systems that make it easier to adopt existing low temperature centralized heat pumps. 

Hear directly from the Prize administrators about the program design, timelines, and the solutions they hope to catalyze.

Eligibility: Companies from anywhere around the world, interested in doing business in New York. Company can be any size (small startup to large OEM/corporate. 

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