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woensdag 19 april 2023


EU Tech Chamber Africa Alliance

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Van 19 april 2023 09:00 Tot 19 april 2023 10:00

African countries are already integrating e-mobility into their targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions as #ClimateAction.

Successful e-mobility projects in Africa show that technology is viable and can play a significant part in making the African transport sector much more sustainable.

Adequate policies and regulations in e-mobility will enable Africa to benefit from reduced energy use, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs in manufacturing for the youth, and empower women.

Curious to learn how investors are accelerating the e-mobility industry in Africa?

Join the Africa Alliance SDG7 and SDG11 “Meet the Experts” digital talk on “Accelerating E-Mobility Growth in Africa” as with industry front leads advance green growth, sustainable transportation, and e-mobility in Africa.

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