Evaluating Youth & Women Initiatives in Africa 2022

woensdag 16 november 2022


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 16 november 2022 09:00 Tot 16 november 2022 10:00

Africa’s large women and youth population presents opportunity for development.

Harnessing the potential of Africa’s women and youth by investing in education, skills development, and other social initiatives can reap enormous dividends and spur the continent’s development.

To #ReduceInequality and achieve #GenderEquality, join the #AfricaAlliance in the “Meet the Expert” digital talk, as together with capable panel “Evaluate Women and Youth Initiatives for Africa, 2022” to accelerate #DecentWork #EconomicGrowth, #EndPoverty and #ImproveLivelihoods in Africa.

Event details: 16th November 2022 at 9-10AM CET
Event Link: https://tech.forum/events/africa-alliance-evaluating-youth-and-women-initiatives-in-africa-2022/


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