dinsdag 21 mei 2024



Elan Expo

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Van 21 mei 2024 08:00 Tot 23 mei 2024 15:00

The biggest HVAC+R exhibition in West Africa.

The 2023 event attracted 120 brands, representing companies from 20 countries, as well as more than 4200 visitors throughout the World, exhibiting countries were U.S.A, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Lebanon, China, Kuwait, U.A.E, Ghana, India, Ukraine, France, Germany, South Africa, UK, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria.

Significant demand from international and local suppliers has shown that MegaClima Expo is the greatest meeting point for HVAC dealers in West Africa.

Attenders discovered products from key HVAC suppliers both local and international, who showcased the latest product innovations and technologies. They gained a great network with Nigeria's top HVAC & construction industry professionals. Thanks to the variety of our workshops so many educational topics have been discussed.

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Venue: Landmark Centre

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