NL in the Philippines: Opportunities for Water Management Solutions

woensdag 25 januari 2023


Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines

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Van 25 januari 2023 08:00 Tot 25 januari 2023 09:30

“The Philippines is an archipelago of more than seven thousand islands, housing approximately 110 million people. As many of its urban and most densely populated areas are coastal, this provides a wide variety of water-related challenges.

A strong demand for improvements in water supply, wastewater treatment, sanitation, water quality and flood management exists in the Philippines. Soil erosion further threatens to impact irrigation as well as drainage canals, resulting in Dutch expertise in dredging and reclamation to be added to the Dutch portfolio of ongoing projects.

 This situation is expected to worsen given the country's rising population and increased competition for water usages, both agricultural and industrial, with a dwindling water supply. This was brought about by decades of resource mismanagement, inadequate investments in physical infrastructure, and the growing threat of climate change (including the agricultural impact of El Niño).

Through this Webinar, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines together with the Netherlands Embassy in the Philippines and Netherlands Water Partnership would like to bring attention to the Philippines and its water sector in particular: its challenges and its opportunities for Dutch companies who might consider the Philippines as a future market of interest. While the water-sector will be discussed in a broad sense, specific emphasis will be placed on groundwater, water quality, coastal protection, resiliency building and nature-based solutions.

For more information, please visit:

 This Webinar will furthermore provide information on Water Philippines, scheduled in March 2023, and invite attendees to consider participating in this event.”

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