Plastic Awareness Month

maandag 5 september 2022

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ReThink Plastic Vietnam

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ReThink Plastic Vietnam is a community-led organization / social enterprise aimed to create awareness and connect stakeholders from business, community and government around the global plastic pollution problem which is heavily affecting Vietnam, its coastline and ocean. ReThink Plastic Vietnam raises awareness and encourages change through on- and offline activities and implements practical local solutions. 

September is Plastic Awareness Month, one month dedicated to creating awareness and taking action against plastic pollution. This year, companies, schools, universities, NGO's, governments and community unite around the theme:   
The Circular Economy of Plastic: "Real Life & Solutions"

  • 06 September - Kick-off event

  • 13 September - Networking event
  • 17 September - World Clean Up Day
  • 25 September - Exhibition: Real Life & Solutions

Link to join in: