Pricing and promotions in times of uncertainty

dinsdag 8 november 2022


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Van 8 november 2022 16:00 Tot 8 november 2022 17:30

Never let a good crisis go to waste! 

For years inflation has been at historical lows in much of the world. In the space of the last 10 months, this has all changed. A dangerous cocktail of increases in energy prices, interest rates and commodity prices on the back of a surging US dollar have changed the dynamics of the marketplace in a way few had predicted less than a year ago!

Whilst pricing or its more fashionable term Revenue Growth Management had already taken a more prominent position in many industries, this new world should really put it front and centre of most businesses’ commercial strategy. And whilst the challenges and risks are obvious to most, it also means there are major opportunities that often were unattainable in the past decade.

The Lexia Analytics webinar will discuss the major risks and opportunities that are evolving, some advice (from experience) on how to deal with these and (likely more importantly) how not to deal with this.

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