Semicon mission to Korea

woensdag 25 oktober 2023



Nederlandse ambassade in Seoel

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Van 25 oktober 2023 07:00 Tot 27 oktober 2023 15:00

South Korea is the world’s largest maker of memory cards. The country is investing heavily in new facilities and (EUV) technology to strengthen its leading position and to gain a larger segment of the system chip market. Pressure to stabilize the supply chain is growing. Korea is therefore looking for additional suppliers, as well as technology and partners to bring part of the supply chain within its own national borders. From the highest level in the Korean political and industrial top, the Netherlands is seen as an important partner.

During this three days' mission to Korea, we will be present at the SEDEX. This is the second largest semicon expo in Korea. In the 2023 edition, the organisation will once again set up a Dutch pavilion.

Other program parts:
- Access to the conference
- Netherlands – Korea seminar
- Network opportunities
- Matchmaking

Netherlands Pavilion

Do you want to register for the Netherlands Pavilion? Please contact the Dutch embassy in Seoul:

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