The Business of Innovation Trade Mission

vrijdag 12 mei 2023



Hospitality Management Services BV (HMS)


5.500,00 EUR

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Van 12 mei 2023 08:30 Tot 21 mei 2023 08:30

The trade mission ‘Curaçao meets Asia for the Business of Innovation’ from Willemstad to Singapore aims at inviting Curaçao-based entrepreneurs and business leaders to participate in the BFSI IT Summit Southeast Asia and the World CX Summit. There is also a possibility to
visit the ‘The Business of Innovation, Annual Meeting in Singapore and participate in the Curaçao Booth at the Market Place taking place that week.
This trade mission will focus on automation, infrastructure, smart cities, information technology, telecommunications, block chain, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (as well as service providers and manufacturers who support companies in those fields).

The trade mission organizers offer to properly prepare, guide and accompany the Curaçao delegation while they explore groundbreaking innovations, revolutionary initiatives, and mind-expanding technologies in the search for new solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.

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