The Role of Fintech in Supporting Start-Ups in Africa

woensdag 22 maart 2023


EU Tech Chamber

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Van 22 maart 2023 09:00 Tot 22 maart 2023 10:00

As the fastest-growing start-up industry in Africa, the success of fintech companies is being fueled by several trends, including increasing smartphone ownership, declining internet costs, and expanded network coverage, as well as a young, fast-growing, and rapidly urbanizing population.

An influx of funding and increasingly supportive regulatory frameworks, signify that African fintech markets are at the beginning of a period of exponential growth.

African fintechs and other stakeholders have an opportunity to consider how the sector can achieve sustainability over the long term.

Join the Africa Alliance in the next #SDG8 “Meet the Experts” digital talk on “The Role of Fintech in Supporting Start-Ups in Africa” as with industry front leads spearhead bringing jobs and growth to African economies.

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