US Partnerships: Strategic & Cultural insights

donderdag 15 juni 2023


Dutch American Connection Expandify

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Van 15 juni 2023 16:00 Tot 15 juni 2023 17:00

When expanding to the US, working with a local partner can be one of the most powerful ways to fuel your growth engine. Join our online round table on June 15 to discover:

- what collaboration can mean for your business
- what US partners value in a relationship
- how to build trust and have fruitful conversations

Joost de Wit (PSV International Expansions) will share his experiences in establishing partnerships with US soccer clubs, Sophie Boutelegier of Expandify will elaborate on the strategic considerations of Dutch US partnerships, and Annette van der Feltz of Dutch American Connection will discuss how to leverage Dutch American cultural differences. This is a unique opportunity to learn from experts, share your experiences and connect with others who are also expanding to the US.

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