A Sustainable Mobility Challenge from Sweden

€50,000 for the most promising solutions

Global climate goals are set and the journey toward a sustainable future has begun. Sweden is committed to push boundaries and build a more sustainable future with a fossil-free transport sector at the latest by 2045.
Through the Sustainable Mobility Challenge, Sweden invites the world’s most progressive innovators and organizations to take part in unlocking the potential of sustainable mobility services. To reduce the carbon footprint from our daily travel and commute, we will recognize and implement fossil-free, user-friendly personal transport services that meet the needs of today’s commuter, and that reduce the need for privately-owned vehicles.
Do you have a solution for sustainable mobility? Register by Tuesday, 26 February 2019 at 8:00 PM CET in order to apply. The 3 most promising solutions will be recognized with a cash award of €50,000 each and the opportunity to launch their solution in Sweden (late May 2019).



Nederlandse ambassade in Stockholm
Sigrid Westman