Business opportunities

Rail, highway, motorway, airport and city transport (bikes, e-mobility)

The National Transport Plan (NTP) 2018-2029 outlines how the Government intends to prioritise resources within the transport sector. It is a twelve-year plan (extended from previous ten-year plans) that is revised every four years. This plan, which also addresses other important policy issues, provides a comprehensive basis on which to make decisions.

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Electric vehicles (EV) and sustainable mobility in Mexico

The Mexican energy sector has been through its biggest reforms to date in the last few years. The Mexican government together with the private sector (CFE, the Ministries of Energy and Economy, the Automotive Association and eight OEMs) reached an agreement to stimulate EV in Mexico. Since 2015, the EV Market is developing.

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Nearly EUR 1 Bln for Waste Water Treatment in Bulgaria by 2020

The funds will be provided to the development of water and sewerage infrastructure, as well as for regional planning in the sector's development, improvement of monitoring and the development of strategic documents like management plans for water basin management and others included in the Naval Strategy.

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