Aviation Sector in Panama

Challenges and Opportunities

Panama’s aviation sector is regarded as one of the highest developed within the region. The Tocumen International Airport is the most important airport of the country and is considered as the hub of Central America. Together with flag carrier Copa Airlines, Tocumen has the ambition to become the hub of the complete Latin-American region.

A prime example of this ambition is the construction of the second terminal. A project that costs over USD 1 billion and will add 20 gates to the already 34 existent gates. As the aviation sector is expected to grow continuously the coming years, further investments are already set in motion or projected. However, there are several challenges to overcome.

Examples of these challenges are the growing risks of floods, the fuel supply of Tocumen International Airport, the further integration of regional airports and the presidential elections of May 2019. On the other hand, these challenges offer opportunities for Dutch companies as well.


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