The Digital health market

in the Netherlands and Switzerland

This report aims to support Dutch – Swiss public and private collaboration in the area of e-health.

The report gives a brief analysis of the Swiss and Dutch healthcare systems, focusing on developments related to digital health. It gives an overview of health policies in both countries and, in particular, of developments concerning e-health. The major stakeholders in e-health in both countries are identified.

The main conclusion of the report is that the combination of healthcare and technology creates opportunities for innovation. Since the Netherlands and Switzerland are both important players in ICT and healthcare, there are good opportunities for both (governmental) institutions and the private sector in the Netherlands and Switzerland to exchange experiences and to collaborate on the further development of e-health practices.

Opportunities for collaboration may be found in particular in the following areas:
- Mobile Health
- Personalized medicine
- Home care
- Elderly care
- E-mental health


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