Hydrogen & fuel cell development China

Overview of hydrogen and fuel cell developments in China

At the World Economic Forum in 2017, the international Hydrogen Council was established, putting a spotlight on hydrogen as key solution for decarbonizing several sectors. Hydrogen has experienced periods of interest before, but it only recently showed its large-scale potential to help achieve climate targets by greening hard-to-decarbonize sectors (such as heating and transportation). Following the establishment of the Hydrogen Council, Japan published a Basic Hydrogen Strategy, Australia a National Hydrogen Roadmap and South Korea announced a Hydrogen Economy Roadmap. Hydrogen also plays an important role in the draft Climate Agreement of the Netherlands. Our team has conducted in-depth research on the Chinese hydrogen sector.

This report presents the outcome of a study on hydrogen developments in China. It aims to inform Dutch stakeholders about relevant hydrogen policies, technologies and projects in China, and stimulate knowledge intensive collaboration between both countries.



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